Artist Statement

The objects I make as a ceramic artist are based on my observations and interaction with the natural world. In nature and my creative process there is a sense of discovery, an opportunity to explore a new environment and push further in a familiar territory. Through texture, form and color objects are manipulated to represent—but not perfectly duplicate—my findings in nature. During the creative process, I am conscious of the possibilities the material has to offer. The making is quite intuitive, responding to how the clay is reacting to the different techniques where the original inspiration or plan for a piece can and will change through the making.

I am not interested in re-creating natural objects found in nature. I use the forms and my emotional responses to the objects as the conceptual platform for creating works of art. Capturing the essence of my inspiration in the objects I make enables the viewer to go through the same emotions I do in nature and within my studio.

  © Jimmy Eddings 2012